The provider did not return a ProviderManifestToken string

Once Forecast 5 has been installed, you have logged in and are getting this message:

This is caused because Forecast 5 cannot detect an SQL server to connect to.

You will either need to install SQL Server 2008 Express or greater, or connect F5 to an existing local SQL server in order to use Forecast 5.

If you are having trouble doing this please contact Forecast 5 Support (


If you already have SQL installed and want to connect to an existing Forecast 5 database please follow the instructions below:

-click ok:


-Click ok and search for SQL database:


Select the SQL server you wish to connect to:


Select the Forecast 5 database you are trying to connect to and click ok:


-if you do not have a Forecast 5 database created click close, type in the desired database name (under Database Name) and click "update SQL server"



You should then be prompted to log in once successfully connected to the database,

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