Giving Users Access to your Forecast 5 Database

The following outlines how to give new users access to your Forecast 5 database:


This will be done using Microsoft's SQL Management Studio - a link to download Management Studio can be found here:


*please ensure that you are logged in as admin or have the SA password available.


Once in SQLMS expand the Security section, right click on Logins and select New Login. . .


This will open the New Login creation window.

From here type in or search for the new User you wish to add:


Once you have entered or found the correct user/account you wish to give access to Forecast 5 to, select Server Roles.

Select dbcreator from the list.



Next select User Mapping, make sure that the database being used for Forecast 5 has been selected and that the Database role membership has db_owner selected:

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