Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a trial for Forecast 5?

Yes, there is a FREE 21 day trial of Forecast 5. You will have the full functionality of the Forecast 5 product. Download the trial here Note: You must provide a valid email address in order to receive your license details.

What type of licenses are available?

Forecast 5 offers 5 license options: Lite, Single Computer, Single Computer with Consolidations, Network and Network with Consolidations, which all vary in price. Check out the features and functions here or contact us on +64 9 820 9960.

Will there be a cloud version of Forecast 5?

The cloud version of Forecast 5 is currently under development.

Do I need to have SQL Server already installed?

Forecast 5 requires SQL Server 2008 R2 and newer in order to function. You can either use an existing copy or install a new version. Forecast 5 installs SQL LocalDb when installing.

Can Forecast 5 handle consolidations?

Forecast 5 is able to handle consolidations provided you have the Consolidation's license.

Will Forecast 5 work for the farming industry?

Yes. We currently have customers who are successfully using Forecast 5 to predict their crops, livestock, accurately.

Can I bring my data from Sage WinForecast into Forecast 5?

Absolutely! Contact us on +64 9 820 9960 for more information.

What is the Forecast 5 Annual Subscription?

The Forecast 5 Annual Subscription gives you another years use of the Forecast 5 product. It also covers the free upgrades and version releases, access to the Knowledge Base and answers to your bug related support queries. You will be notified 45 days prior to your renewal date, then receive an invoice 30 days prior. Once the invoice has been paid, you will need to ensure your details are all correct and click Activate Online Now. Find out more about the support policy here.

How do I get support?

As part of the annual subscription, we will provide support on bug related issues to fully trained staff members free of charge. To contact support, phone us on +64 9 820 9960 or email to This does not cover installations and consulting work. If the support team feel your users are untrained, they will recommend a training course. Find out more about the support policy here.

Remote Assistance

If required we are able to use ScreenConnect to log on remotely to your computer so we may provide you with 5-star support, giving you the fastest path to your solution!

Knowledge Base

With a valid Forecast 5 license you have access to the Forecast 5 Knowledge Base, this is updated regularly so that you have help 24/7.

Trading hours

Forecast 5 is open 8:30am - 5pm NZST, Monday - Friday

Buy from Forecast 5 Ltd

Please call us on +64 9 820 9960 or email

Locate a Reseller
If you prefer your local support, we have a growing number of resellers:
Integration into Financial Software
We have released integrations to Sage 50, Xero, MYOB Exo, and Sage 300. If you require financial system isn't here, please contact us on +64 9 820 9960 or via email and we can look at assisting you.