Forecast 5 reduces the risk of supersonic travel

Forecast 5 is the latest supporter to join the Bloodhound SSC: The British attempt to smash the world land speed record in late 2017.

Spring Time Blitz


Forecast 5 vs. Sage Winforecast

The successful Sage WinForecast is a flexible forecasting software that has been ‘End of Life’ by Sage since 1998.

Since then there has been no further development, and support for those businesses still using the product finally ceased in 2014.

Forecast 5 has built as a replacement for the ever popular Sage Winforecast. Forecast 5 was released in July 2013 after many years in development.

Forecast 5 now comes to you as the fastest, most accurate and most powerful budgeting and forecasting solution.



Forecast 5 Version Three Is Now Available!

Take Advantage Of The Newest Version Of Forecast 5 And Upgrade Today!

We have been working extraordinarily hard over the past few years and we have finally been able to deliver a brand new version.

Forecast 5 version 3 has a fresh new look, a completely rebuilt database and improvements in speed! Don't delay in putting the new version to use!

...Forecast 5 Version 3 Conversion...

Looking for software that can improve your business?

We are approaching the ‘silly season’ when it appears that we throw the logic of home and business out the window.

We overspend on the family and the business.

We organise parties and functions and with a bumpy year, we think that we’ll make it up by March.

What if we could ‘plan ahead’ in such way that you didn’t go into a trauma when reaching the end of the year?

Reserve Bank engineers a lower exchange rate. How does it affect your business?

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17 October 2014





Happy Birthday Forecast 5!

Happy 1st Birthday Forecast 5!!!

Can you believe it's been a whole year since Forecast 5 was released and we are taking the market by storm. We are inviting you to join us in celebrating our birthday by offering you an amazing deal!
For a limited time you get:

Forecast 5 Support

What do I actually get? What is involved? What can I expect?

What's covered..

With a current Forecast 5 annual license fee, you receive automatic Forecast 5 updates, answers to all your support questions, access to our informative Knowledge Base and annual registration codes.