Release 3.5.012

Release 3.5.012

Release 3.5.012 Is Now Available!

Don't miss out on the latest improvements in our newest release! Discover the new Admin Pack status field to lock your forecasts, be able to select multiple sales records for Stock On Hand or use a memo record to pull a percentage of a loan balance. You can now budget smarter, not harder!

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...Release Highlights...

- Forecast Status Field -

With our Forecast status field, you can get peace of mind that you have total control over your forecast. Once the budget has been prepared, set the status to "Budget Entry" and send to your divisional managers to update their budget numbers. 

No longer will you have to worry about others changing your settings or record types. 

Once budgets are approved, set the status to "Closed" so the forecast can be locked and viewed with no capability to change the forecast.

Your forecasts will stay exactly how you want them!
- UK Customers Only: Updated PAYE and NI Rates -
This latest version of Forecast 5 will automatically update your database to change the default PAYE and NI rates. This means when you create a new forecast, the settings will be defaulted to these new rates.
Your existing forecasts will not be changed.